Getting Fit This Holiday Season (Workout Guide) |  HealthyMVMT Blog

Getting Fit This Holiday Season (Workout Guide) | HealthyMVMT Blog

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

It can be really hard to stay fit during the holiday season...well most of the year!
As we go on with our daily life and work, exercise become less of a priority.

What we really want is a balanced life and a healthy one. But how do we keep it balanced if our schedule does not even include doing exercise? Our solution to that is the 15-minute workout guide!

Plan Ahead

Try to plan your workout schedule every week. Typically, it’s best to do the 15-minute workout during mornings. That way, you’ll only have to wake up earlier than the usual.

Get Prepared

You start preparing by waking up early in the morning. If you're not sure about your schedule or whether you'll even have time to get in a workout, plan for the worst-case scenario.

The 15 Minute Workout

This is super easy to do and you won’t need any equipment for this.

Watch this video and try to follow it:


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