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I chose to talk about meditation first because although it is gaining popularity, there are still a lot of skeptics. I'll admit I did think that sitting down and closing your eyes was pointless, and frankly a little weird. I quickly learned that it is a very helpful stress reliever. Meditation is a great way to bring your cortisol (a stress hormone) levels down, clear you head, and leave you feeling refreshed.


If you have never tried yoga, you're missing out on a great way to relieve stress! Yoga offers many physical, and mental benefits. There is an instant feeling of relaxation when you step onto your mat. You leave your problems at the door, and focus on breathing in positivity, and breathing out negativity. Between the music, the breathing, and the amazing stretching, you leave feeling refreshed, and honestly pretty accomplished! (It's not easy!) I always joke that yoga is my therapist, but there is some truth behind it.
I highly suggest giving it a try, it will change your life.


When was the last time you picked up a book!? Getting into a good book, and shutting down from technology can be very beneficial. I find reading in the morning with my phone far, far away, is a great way to start the day. I look forward to having ME time where I won't be distracted by Instagram, text messages/emails etc. Swap the phone for a good book - your mind AND body will thank you!


Close your eyes, and take five deep breaths. When I'm feeling overwhelmed I use this technique. Why? It allows me the time to slow down and process what is going on in that moment. The problem with our fast-paced lives is that we don't ever give our brains the chance to catch up with what our bodies are doing! We are always go, go, go. Take a moment to be present, and clear minded.

Say Goodbye To Toxic People

If I don't tell you, who will!? We all have people in our lives that can be negative stressors. I'm giving you permission to let them go. You have one life, and you shouldn't make time for people that don't make you happy. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people that align with your beliefs!

Do something that makes you happy!

In order to be happy, you must do what makes you happy! Find a hobby that allows you to disconnect from the world and do something for you. It could be running, scrapbooking, painting or cooking! The possibilities are endless. Find something you love to do, and make time each week to do that! A lot of us are constantly doing things for others, which is important, but it's also important to take care of ourselves. 
You deserve it!
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