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Charcoal Lemonade | Juice Powder by HealthyMVMT

Charcoal Lemonade | Juice Powder by HealthyMVMT

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Upgrade Your Lemonade

Black Lemonade? It should not taste this amazing…
but it does! Harness the power of activated
charcoal in your classic lemonade! Our convenient instant drink
mix allows you to easily take activated Charcoal Lemonade with you
wherever you go.


+ Reduced inflammation

+ Improved sleep

+ Gentle detox


+ Added Vitamin C         + Skin hydration


+ Sugar-free sweetener        + No spike in blood sugar

Great for: 

  • A boost of Vitamin C

  • Relieving bloat & easing digestion

  • Cleansing & Detox

  • Boosting your skin’s glow

Ingredients:  Lemon Juice powder, Stevia, Activated Coconut Shell Ash (Tree Nut)*

Directions: Mix one spoon per 8oz of water



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